Whiteline Fencing

Do it Once, Do it Right, Do it Safe


We only use Genuine Horserail from Horserail WA-Ben Duncan.                                                                                                                                                                                                           We love working with horserail, we can quote for supply and installation.

Horserail and Equimesh


Single Horserail Arena with powder coated Box Sections


Three Horserail Hottop


Horserail Hotop plus x 3 rails with 120mm Horserail PVC posts and cattle rail box sections

HDPE 200mm Posts with 900mm Equimesh and a top Horserail hot with galv box sections

HDPE 200mm Posts with top Horserail Hotop and two horsecote

80mm Galv Posts with two horserail

RL5 every 4m with two horserail hottop

HDPE 200mm Posts with two horserail

HDPE 200mm Posts with top horserail Hotop, Stand off and two Sighter wires