Whiteline Fencing

Do it Once, Do it Right, Do it Safe

HDPE 140mm with Horserail top rail and Horsecote Strand


HDPE 200mm Posts with 900mm Equimesh and a top Horserail hot with galv box sections

HDPE 200mm Posts with top horserail Hotop, Stand off and two Sighter wires

2x Horserail and 200MM HDPE arena

200mm HDPE posts with Horserail hot top and two hotcote

Horserail Round Yard with HDPE 160MM

160MM Recycled HDPE Fence Posts, 60mm Steel Pipe Powder coated and Black Chain mesh

160mm HDPE Fence Posts, with 1200mm Equimesh, Bayco and Hot Warrata Galv

HDPE 110mm Fence Posts and 4 Bayco

HDPE 200mm Fence Posts with SAFE horse fencing

160mm Recycled HDPE Fence Posts with 1200mm Equimesh, Bayco and top Hot

140-160 HDPE Posts every 5m with 8/90/15, two Warrata Hot wires and one Warrata hot at 600mm to stop sheep rubbing on the fence!

140-160 HDPE posts with Powder coated 60mm pipe and black chain mesh 1500mm high.

Recycled HDPE posts with 60mm Galv Pipe and 1500mm chainmesh