Whiteline Fencing

Do it Safe or not at all......

4x4 shelters

12m x 4m Shelter Lined

3 x Shelters with night yards

Fully Installed 3.9 x3.9 x 3.2m high front and 2.3m high back Colourbond Shelter 2sides,back and roof

One of our styles of shelters, but not limited too....

4 x 4 Colourbond Shelters with a huge height of 3.2m for the claustrophobic horse at the front and 2.3m at the back

The Shelters are made with Strong Australian made Box steel 65x65mm posts  concreted in and also we install the 76x 38 mm steel as support beams all around and  at 1200mm  for strength and future installation of kickboards, and especially if the horse decides it wants to rub its bum! 

We can give you the all in one package for extra cost, which includes a shelter,lined with whichever product you wish, sawdust if you wish and yards! We make it easy,painfree,safe and ready to go.


7m x 4m Shelter attached to existing Shed

4x4 Shelter with Kickboards and HDPE X 2 Galv rail night yard

4x4 Colourbond shelter

4x4 Shelters

4x4m shelter with cattle yards